Egg and Soldiers

“Never grow up so much that you stop having fun with your food.”

Natural light food photography.
I have a small love affair/obsession with Beatrix Potter. I think it must stem from childhood, I just have such fond memories of sitting for hours
reading her books and staring at the illustrations and imagining another world with me in it.
I can’t stress how much I LUUUUUURV IT!!!

This is an egg cup I found in a tiny, nothing to look at, silly shop in Cape Town, with piles of ‘stuff’ in it. Yes seems all the best trinkets are hidden in Cape Town.

“Peter sat down to rest” lends itself so well to food, because sitting down to eat should be a beautiful ‘restful’ time filled with enjoyment.
This whole photo just gives me such warm fuzzy feelings.(ohhhh my heart)


Food Photography - Eating egg soldiers

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