White Wall Photography

White Wall Photography

White Wall Photography

White Wall Photography brings the creative to life through vibrant photography,

whether in the magic of the studio or wandering outside, we love photography.

I am a Durban based freelance photographer that is privileged to have the opportunity to do exactly what I love.
I enjoy capturing natural, beautiful moments during a photo shoot with the help of a little direction from me.
I feel that there is something magical and amazing that happens in those natural moments.

White Wall Photography offers talent in many areas, vibrancy, creativity and innovation
which is a great formula for you to receive the best photography.

Food Photography

I am a Durban based freelance photographer.
Through out my life I have always had such a passion for food of every kind
and have always found great joy in collecting and reading cookbooks,they are just so beautiful, warm and homly.
Food photography creates such an emotional connection with what has been made.

I have such a strong conviction about the importance of food photography.
Food is a sensory experience and the visual aspect is just as important as taste and smell.
It can create a visual look and feel for your business and for the food you so lovingly create.

It brings me delight that I can now combine my two great passions of life, food and photography.

Product Photography